Heres Hope BibleHere’s Hope is a project of Michael’s Ministry with a mission to place the book of hope, (a New Testament Bible which includes Michael’s personal testimony), into hospital units, doctors’ offices, Ronald McDonald Houses, orphanages, teen crisis centers, youth groups and any retail establishment which will encourage anyone seeking to find hope in the midst of their life struggles. The vision is to reach out to others who are walking the path the Sottiles have already walked, and to provide a means to open the door to effective, compassionate assistance (Galatians 6:2).

  • Approximately 6,801 New Testaments have been taken home annually, since 2005.
  • Approximately 130 lives are being reached  each week with the Gospel.
  • Nearly 40,000 individuals have been reached for Jesus Christ.

Mike and Linda Sottile are available as guest speakers to churches, organizations, and community groups, offering suggestions and ideas to audiences regarding dealing with patients and their family members who have received adverse medical diagnosis. The intent is to orient and train their audiences and to offer an effective, compassionate and Christ centered, when called upon to do so. Most people have a desire to help – many have no idea where to begin. The Sottiles are ready and willing to share the experiences they’ve learned over the sixteen years of their journey with their son.

Michael continually encouraged his parents to “Think Big” (Zechariah 4:10a), and that is what the Sottiles are doing.