Heaven is being prepared by Christ himself. John 14:1-3
It is described as a glorious city, likened to pure gold and clear glass. Rev. 21:11, 18
The name of this city is the New Jerusalem. Rev. 21:2
It is in the shape of a cube, with the length, width, and height being equal. Rev. 21:16
Its size is 12,000 furlongs, roughly 1,400 miles long, wide, and high. Rev. 21:16
The city rests upon 12 layers of foundational stones, with each layer being inlaid with a different precious gem. Rev. 21:19–20
Each foundation has one of the names of the 12 apostles on it. Rev. 21:14
The wall around the city is made of pure jasper. Rev. 21:18
The height of the wall is approximately 216 feet. Rev. 21:17
The wall has 12 gates, three on each of the four sides. Rev. 21:12
Each gate is made of solid pearl. Rev. 21:21
Each gate has on it the name of one of the 12 tribes of Israel. Rev. 21:12
An angel stands guard at each gate. Rev. 21:12
The gates will never be shut. Rev. 21:25
The palaces may possibly be made of ivory. Ps. 45:8
The River of Life is there, to insure everlasting life. Rev. 22:1
The Tree of Life is there to insure abundant life. Rev. 2:7; 22:19
It will bear its fruit each month. Rev. 22:2
The throne of God will occupy the central palace. Rev. 4:2; 22:1
It is surrounded by 24 small thrones. Rev. 4:4
Near it stands the brazen layer, described as “a sea of glass, like crystal.” Rev. 4:6
Beside the throne are four special angels who worship God continually. Rev. 4:8
The golden altar is there, with bowls of incense. Rev. 5:8; 8:3; 9:13
The menorah, or seven-branched lampstand fixture, is there. Rev. 1:12; 4:5
The main street of the city is composed of transparent gold. Rev. 21:21
The city will shine with and be enlightened by God’s glory. John 17:24; Rom. 8:18; Rev. 21:11, 23; 22:5
It is a place of holiness. Rev. 21:27
It is a place of beauty. Ps. 50:2
It is a place of unity. Eph. 1:10
It is a place of perfection. 1 Cor. 13:10
It is a place of joy. Ps. 16:11
It is a place for all eternity. John 3:15; Ps. 23:6
There will be no temple. Rev. 21:22
There will be no sea. Rev. 21:1
There will be no tears. Rev. 7:17; 21:4
There will be no sickness. Rev. 22:2
There will be no pain. Rev. 21:4
There will be no death. Isa. 25:8; 1 Cor. 15:26; Rev. 21:4
There will be no more thirst or hunger. Rev. 7:16
There will be no more sin. Rev. 21:27
There will be no more judgment upon sin. Rev. 22:3
There will be no need for the sun or moon. Rev. 21:23
There will be no night. Rev. 21:25; 22:5
The city will be the Bridegroom’s gift to the bride, Christ’s Church. Rev. 21:2, 10
The Father will be there. Dan. 7:9; Rev. 4:2–3
The Son will be there. Rev. 5:6; 7:17
The Holy Spirit will be there. Rev. 14:13; 22:17
Your loved one is living with Jesus now! 2 Cor. 5:1-8

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