I Am the Answer to Somebody’s Prayer

I am the answer to somebody’s prayer
someone is hurting I really do care.
Lord, how can I serve and what can I do?
I really need to rely upon you.
Give me the guidance to help one in need.
And true servants heart to really succeed.

I am the answer to somebody’s prayer
Help me look closer Not be caught unaware
To the needs all around me
the abundance of sorrow
Please help me be their light for tomorrow.
To act, to help, to serve to do
all that I can in your Name, Lord for You.

I am the answer to somebody’s prayer
How can I do it, this burden to bear?
I on my own strength will stumble and fall
Only with your help, great things I can do
I will arise be an Ambassador for You
To make a real difference Lord, I do know
I will be like the farmer
who reaps what he sows.

I am the answers to somebody’s prayer
I am ready to start Lord, I am ready to care
Weary I am to complete the task
But I know your help will come from above
When I take that first step out of faith in true love
To do your will Lord Thine be true
To be someone’s prayer answered by you.
– Linda Sottile


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